11 gift ideas for Dads

It’s time to choose gifts for your dad! We have prepared a small selection that can help you in your choices 😊

11 idées de cadeaux pour les papas

Give your dad some super comfortable, recycled sneakers. Plus, the pair can be returned free of charge to be recycled into green fuel 😉

Bracelets resistant to the test of time, with a timeless design and made with noble materials (natural stones, shells and solid silver). Plus: after-sales service really efficient  and -10% on your first order when you subscribe to their Newsletter!

Offering a watch remains a reliable source! Why not one from Cleor?

If your dad didn’t have one yet, now’s the time to give it to him! 

Are we tempted by a lego construction? Offer a vintage car in adult construction 😊

Give your dad this brewing and bottling kit 🍺 

A rather original gift: an acrylic disc that you can customize with a photo, the name and the title of a song ! To offer for any occasion to your dad 😉 

Once again the reader remains essential for reading enthusiasts!

For trendy dads, offer a nice wooden bow tie from Nordicwoodstore! Guaranteed effect!

The tie will remain a must! Colors, shapes, patterns… let yourself be tempted to offer this accessory!

And for the last gift, a box containing beautiful pieces that will surely please! 

And here’s to inspire you!