Buy rosé wines from California: Provence "made in USA

If you have already tasted the rosé of Provence, it is time to try the American vineyards and especially those of California. 400 vineyards occupy the Napa Valley alone, the most important production area of the region! Don't panic, EASY DELIVERY has tasted for you 5 rosé wines from the new world. Order these wines in the United States and we will deliver them to you anywhere in the world, enough to enchant your summer barbecues! 

Great tastings always start with a first sip! The Gallo Family, a family business founded in 1933, offers a Zinfandel blanc (named after the grape variety) at a lower cost ($4.99 - €4). Ideal to start your discovery of American rosé with its typical notes of fresh strawberries and sweet white peach.

A light wine at 8°. 

We go up in range (and in degree...13, 5°!) with this rosé 100% Syrah. Coming from one of the oldest wine regions in California (Los Carneros), this wine compiles ripe red fruits and floral notes in an explosive aromatic bouquet. Syrah, with a hint of spice, completes the aromatic palette of this wine. Count on $35 (€29) per bottle.

Same region, new emotions! Blend of 5 grape varieties (43% Cabernet Sauvignon and 20% Sauvignon Blanc), this wine imposes notes of cranberry, rose, watermelon and citrus zest. A whole program in mouth and flavors! A very beautiful house whose requirements you will find in your glass. 

29 per bottle (24 €). 

Let's continue the exploration with a wine that is both subtle and simple to access, made from pinot noir. 

The pink dress like a promise takes you to a controlled acidity to highlight the delicate aromas of juicy strawberries and sun-drenched citrus fruits. A touch of minerality completes the tasting. An ideal food and wine pairing for spicy dishes such as accras or samossas. 

21 (€17) per bottle. The price of Californian authenticity. 

It sounds Italian. It should! Sangiovese is the main red chianti grape variety. 

It has established itself very well in California and reveals aromas of raspberry, strawberry, as well as exotic notes of quince and lychee on the land of Ste Helena. 

28 (23 €) for this ideal bottle as an aperitif. 

All these wines and many more can be delivered from our US warehousein the whole world! So dare to try rosé !