Send gifts to expatriate close relation


When you are an expatriate abroad or have expatriate family, it is not always easy to get together for the holidays. Sending gifts by parcel can be the way to spoil your loved ones from a distance.

Suivez nos conseils pour envoyer ou recevoir des cadeaux de Noël à l’étranger. 

  • S’y prendre en avance

As you know, the November-December period is the busiest for e-commerce sites and carriers. Between Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas shopping, the volume is multiplied by 3 each year. Transportation companies like Colissimo, DHL ou UPS are quickly overwhelmed and longer delays are to be expected. Moreover, these delays are all the more important when it is a question of sending abroad.

To avoid any unpleasant surprises, plan to make your purchases as early as the end of October and especially to send them abroad as soon as possible. 

  • Use a forwarding address

To send or receive gifts without the hassle of preparing packages and managing delivery, you can use a package forwarding service such asEasy Delivery


> If you live abroad and already have an account, you can ask your family to send the gifts to your forwarding address. This allows you to have them grouped together and pay the shipping costs. 

>If you want to send gifts abroad, you can create an account on a forwarding platform. You can then send all your purchases to your forwarding address, then have them consolidated and sent anywhere in the world with preferential rates. 

  • Check authorized items

We can see you coming: Christmas = foie gras = banned for import in most countries. Before you plan a feast to send to your children who live on the other side of the world, consider what items are allowed in the country where they live.

Unfortunately, many good Christmas products are likely to be banned: foie gras, smoked salmon, champagne... 

To know exactly the authorizations and prohibitions, you can visit the Chronopost website which offers you summary sheets by country.

  • Check the delivery address

If you are sending packages abroad for the first time, it is necessary to check the address of your recipient. Depending on the country, postal addresses may not be presented in the same way as in France. Be sure to fill in the address form correctly when sending.

Also, if the recipient lives in a remote area, remember to check that the delivery company you have chosen is able to deliver. At Easy Delivery, you can contact our customer support who will be able to inform you. 


This year, Christmas gifts sent all over the world are yours! Make your purchases in France or the United States, Easy Delivery will deliver them to your loved ones all over the world.