Noël 2022 : offrez-vous les meilleurs whiskies américains

American whisky continues to improve. As the holiday season approaches, we are already thinking about the best for these moments with family and/or friends. 

Jouez la carte de l’originalité et essayez les whiskies américains parmi ceux qui ne sont pas distribués en France ! 

Faites votre choix ! Easy Delivery assure la réexpédition de vos colis partout dans le monde. 

Best Bourbon in Tennessee : George Dickel Barrel Select

From a demanding selection, GEORGE DICKEL offers an exceptional artisanal whisky. Made from a blend of bourbons between 10 and 12 years old, this artisanal whisky is aged in American oak barrels delicately browned with flame. Filtered by maple chars, the nectar then softened upon contact in a jealously guarded aging process. 

The result: a nose full of oak and cocoa with vanilla aromas. Perfectly balanced by a warm rye spice. 

A excellent value for money ($43) that you are unlikely to find on a table! 

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Best peated whisky : MCCARTHY’S Oregon Single Malt 42,5%

This single malt, aged in sherry casks, has been matured in Oregon oak barrels. If you like peaty whiskies, it’s made for you! It is 100% produced from malted peat barley from the island of Islay in Scotland, well known for the quality of its peat!

From 40$, you can access the range of the MCCARTHY distillery which produces year after year among the best whiskies in the world. 

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The most original whisky : Leopold Bros New York Apple Whiskey

"Apple? There is!" would have been a movie whisky lover. 

In this whisky, apples and a lot of originality. The best varieties of apples are picked, pressed and mixed with this whisky, creating a unique taste combination. Aged in bourbon barrels, this whisky reveals with tasting notes of dried fruits, apricots and raisins. At the end, a caramel note completes the picking!

Count 35$

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The most historical : Old Potrero Single Malt Straight Rye Whisky 

“Back to the roots” is the ambition of Anchor Brewing Company in San Francisco. From the 18th century until the early 20th century, most American whiskies were distilled mainly from malted rye must (except bourbons). Find this original taste, this is what this distillery offers since its foundation in the 90s. 

Some say that this taste has that of the American revolution! 

For drink with George Washington  count between 70 and 80 euros ! 

Best 2021 single malt : Westland Garryana Édition 5 

The Westland distillery in Washington has taken a demanding approach: carefully select the Garry oaks (protected oak present only on the west coast) and combine 5 different types of malted barley. 

Each year, this firm produces a limited edition that almost systematically scoop a prestigious prize! 

For the 2021 version, you can access the typicity of this American whisky for $160. 

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All these whiskies (not found in France!) and many others can be delivered to you from our US warehouse anywhere in the world 

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