5 original sports brands to discover



If you are a sportsman or sportswoman at heart, you already know the big brands of sports accessories. Nike, Adidas, Decathlon have no more secrets for you. We propose to share with you 5 original and exclusive sports brands for your sports activities. 

A sight for sport eyes (US)

A sight for sport eyes is the first site in the United States for sports glasses. A large selection is available for various sports activities: ball sports, cycling, skiing...

Many sports require the wearing of glasses, that's why the site also offers a service of personalization of glasses to your sight. So you can have trendy glasses during your sports activities. 

Among the brands offered on A sight for sport eyes

  • Bolle Eyewear 
  • Hilco Leader
  • Raleri Sports
  • Et encore bien d’autres 

Gayaskin (FR) 

Anxious to do things differently, Gayaskin is an environmentally friendly sportswear brand. Thanks to recycled materials, the brand offers technical, trendy and comfortable clothing.

Discover leggings, bras and tank tops with colorful and lively patterns. Far from the boring image of the black sports outfit, Gayaskin was inspired by Indian fashion and the childhood memories of one of the designers to create warm and vibrant designs. 

Girlfriend collective (US)

Among the "underrated" brands in the United States, a little nugget: Girlfriend Collective. A symbol of self-acceptance, the brand offers clothing from XXS to 6XL. Thanks to the use of recycled materials and a complete management of the manufacturing process, Girlfriend Collective benefits from several certifications. These certifications ensure a fair remuneration for the employees of the factories.

Among their creations, bras, sports leggings or dresses in soft and neutral tones. 

Lulu Lemon (FR & US) 

Created in Canada in 1998, Lulu Lemon is a long-standing brand in the world of sports, specializing, in particular, in yoga. 

Rich of a site in the United States and in France, Lulu Lemon offers colorful and finely crafted sportswear and accessories. If the pieces are primarily created for the practice of yoga, they can also be used for other sports: running, tennis ... 

In addition to sportswear, Lulu Lemon offers a range of yoga mats, bags and hats. 

Coureur du dimanche (FR) 

THE 100% French sportswear brand. Coureur du dimanche has chosen to "run differently" by offering a range dedicated to running. All the creations are elaborated and made in France from recycled materials. A nice local alternative to the big American or Asian brands. 

You can found the website of Coureur du dimanche : running t-shirt, jacket, shorts and some accessories. 

All these brands and many more delivered since our warehouses in France and the United Statesin the world. Do you know of any other original sports brands? Share them in comments!