How to order in the United States?

You have a mailing address in the United States but you don’t know how to order? Discover all our tips to place your orders in the USA from all over the world and receive your shopping at home! 

1. Verify the reliability of the US site

Facing the ocean of American sites available through your postal address in the United States, there is much to be lost! Between the very big popular e-merchants and the very little one, you don’t always know where to order.


To help you see more clearly, several tips: 


  • Check the site’s reputation and the opinions of its customers by typing its name in your search engine. If you don’t find official information about the company or only very negative reviews: don’t go there!
Small tip to check the reliability of a site’s customer reviews. 

Do not hesitate to look at their provenance. If it is a site like Net Reviews, Trusted Shops or Custplace, the reviews always correspond to a real purchase therefore to a real customer experience. On the contrary, Google or Trustpilot reviews can be left without having made a purchase.


  • Remember to look at the legal information on the site. You will find the official information about the merchant. The address of its registered office, the host of its website, etc. Attention, if there is no visible legal notice, it is usually bad sign. 
  • If the site offers a lot of articles and constant promotions, you can check if it’s not just about drop shipping. In this case, a small search on the internet will allow you to find your articles 3 to 4 times cheaper. 

 2. Use a VPN for your connection

Before explaining why to use a VPN, let’s go back to what a VPN (or virtual private network) is. A VPN allows you to access the web by encrypting and protecting your data. So your connection comes from the VPN server and its location, not directly from your computer. 

What does this have to do with an order in the United States? It is in the possibility to change the location of your VPN. Indeed, some American sites block access when they detect a foreign IP address. So you try to go to the site of your dreams without being able to access it because of your geolocation. 

In this case, the VPN will allow you to “make believe” the American site that you are well in the United States. You will not only be able to visit the site in question, but also to order using your US mailing address.

Here are some examples of VPN services, available for a few euros per month: 

3. Use your USA mailing address correctly

Even if you are not bilingual English (you are not judged, promised), you will find that the address forms of the American sites are very similar to those we know! It is still important to fill in the address of the Easy Delivery warehouse to ensure that the package will be delivered to the correct location  

Here’s how to fill out an order form in the United States: 

  • First name et Last name : yours
  • Street address line 1 : 7485 pike 418
  • Street address line 2 : ED + votre référence client Easy Delivery
  • City : Middletown
  • State : Missouri
  • Zip Code : 63359
  • Numéro de téléphone : you can indicate the one provided by Easy Delivery under your address. This will allow the delivery person to call our logisticians if needed.


If you have any doubts when filling out the form, you can contact our customer service. Our teams can help you put the information in the right place.

4. Bonus tip: compare prices! 


To optimize your forwarding from the United Statesit is important to look at the prices of shopping in the USA. As you know, some brands like Levi’s, Nike or Apple are known to be cheaper in the United States. However, this is not the case for all. 

Thanks to Easy Delivery, you have the possibility to benefit from two forwarding addresses. You can compare the prices of the same items in France and the United States. This allows you to select the best price for your purchases and access a maximum of good deals. 

  • Beware of taxes! In the United States, prices are displayed without taxes. These taxes depend on the state from which the site sells the items, the type of item, etc. When you validate your shopping cart on an American site, you always have a line of taxes added. They are mandatory, as is VAT in France. 


Do you have other tips or good plans to order in the USA? Share them in comments below.