When to open a claim?

When you place an order, one of the first questions you might ask yourself is: how long will it take to receive my package? Good news, it is possible to make a estimation thanks to our online simulator . The deadlines that will be announced to you will allow you to have a overview of waiting for your package. The number of days that will be indicated to you are to be considered in "working days", that is to say by counting the days of Monday to Friday and therefore not on weekends. Par exemple, si le délai indiqué est de 6 jours et que votre colis est expédié un mercredi en fin de journée, vous devrez le recevoir approximately the following Thursday.

Why are the deadlines estimated? 

There are many reasons for the estimated lead times. The transport is made up of several stages of routing, each one of them can be subject to unforeseen events, difficulties or delays.

These unforeseen events are obviously unforeseeable:

-Airline delays

-Longer or shorter waits for customs clearance depending on the country of destination

-problems with transit

-conjectural changes (policy, etc.)


All sorts of unforeseen events can happen and therefore explain why the delays are estimated and more or less long. The tracking of your package is there to allow you to follow these different steps.



à quel moment ouvrir une réclamation?

When is it appropriate to open a claim?

When your parcel suffers an important delay or an incident, it is possible to open a claim with the carrier. Be careful, not all transport companies offer this possibility. This is particularly the case of the so-called "low-cost" carriers, such as EMS for example. 

If you feel that the working days announced by the online simulator have been exceeded, you can contact your sender. This can be an e-commerce seller, or your parcel forwarding service, such as Easy Delivery. At this point, a claim can be opened to provide you with more information. 

Remember to check the waiting time for the return of claims on our dedicated article

Also, tracking your package is a good indicator of what is happening...or not happening! 

Sometimes the carrier asks to contact the sender via the tracking system. This can be due to an address problem, customs declaration or packaging for example. 

Finally, if your package arrives damaged or with missing contents, it is necessary to open a claim immediately. You can then contact the carrier and the shipper so that your request is taken into account very quickly.