The advantages of the Premium subscription at Easy Delivery

On Easy Delivery you have the possibility of taking out a Premium subscription. This allows you to access certain advantages and Premium options. For the most undecided among you, discover all there is to know about the subscription below. 

  • How the Premium subscription works

When you create an account on Easy Delivery, it is sufficient to obtain your addresses in our warehouse and use the service. 

Nevertheless, some options such as the grouping of packages can quickly become essential when you place several orders. A Premium subscription is then necessary. 

To subscribe, you will need a Paypal account that will allow you to activate a direct debit. This direct debit can be paused or cancelled at any time from your Paypal account (more information here). 

You can then go to : 

  • Premium Access Tab
  • You can then choose the duration of your subscription, validate and pay with your Paypal account. 

Your subscription is activated within minutes. 

Please note that at the end of the period, you will receive an e-mail indicating that the subscription will be tacitly renewed without any interruption on your part.

  • Premium subscription benefits and options

With the Premium Easy Delivery subscription, you have access to several advantages and options, which will allow you tooptimize your transportation costs.

  • Benefits: 

You get a 10% discount on all shipments made during the subscription period. This allows you to pay off the cost of the subscription with just one shipment. Who can beat that? 

You also get an additional 10 days of free storage, or 30 days per package. Beyond these 30 days, the storage becomes paying at a rate of 1,50€ per day and per package. The total duration of storage is 90 days maximum.

avantage abonnement premium easy delivery
  • Premium options: 

Consolidation of packages 

Sûrement la plus intéressante des options et la plus utilisée sur notre site. Cette option, facturée à partir d’1,5€ par colis en France et 1,7€ aux Etats-Unis, vous permet de regrouper plusieurs colis arrivés dans l’entrepôt. Il n’y a pas de nombre maximum de colis pouvant être regroupés. Nos logisticiens travaillent sur mesure pour chacun de vos regroupements (également appelé consolidation) afin d’avoir un colis final compact et économique. 

By grouping your packages together, you can place multiple orders on different sites and receive them at once at home.

  • Please note that packages arriving in the United States and France cannot be grouped together. 
Opening and check

By choosing this option, you can ask our teams to open your package to take a picture of the contents of the package. This allows you to see that the goods are in good condition or correspond to your order. This can also be very useful if it is an order from a retail sales site such as Ebay, Le Bon Coin or Vinted to verify the compliance of the items received. 

If the contents of your package are under blister or have a guarantee strip, only the outside will be photographed (example: phone or computer box, video game, etc.). 

Invoice extraction

This last option offers you the possibility to remove the original invoice of your goods from the package. This can be useful if, for example, your package contains a gift and you don’t want the recipient to see the amount. 

abonnement premium easy delivery

Now you know everything about the Premium Easy Delivery subscription! Although it is not mandatory, it allows you to access benefits and options that allow you to make your shipments profitable around the world. Find the subscription details right here.