How to insure a package?

Despite ever more efficient tracking tools and well-managed routes, it sometimes happens that your packages are misplaced or arrive damaged. One solution to this problem is to insure your packages. 

At Easy Delivery, we offer two modes of delivery: with or without insurance. The benefits and differences are explained in more detail below.

Sending a package without insurance 

Note first that even when you do not take out insurance, a minimum compensation is provided by Easy Delivery. In accordance with the Montreal Convention (Convention for the Unification of Certain Rules Relating to International Air Transport), you can be refunded up to 23€ per kilo of goods declared and shipped.


How does it actually work? 

If your parcel is lost or damaged upon receipt, you can be refunded (e) 23€ per kilo.

This amount is is calculated in proportion to the weight of your package.In other words, if the package weighs only 500 grams, you will be compensated in the amount of €11.5.

Moreover, if the value of the items contained in your package is less than 23€, you will be refunded up to this value. (Example, if the parcel weighs 1kg but its value is 10€, the compensation will be 10€). 

Why choose not to insure your package? 

  • If the value of your items is very low,It is not necessarily interesting to take an insurance. Of course, you will be refunded the full amount of the goods, but you will have paid the insurance beforehand. It is therefore important to do some calculations before sending. 
  • If you do not have the original invoice of your items.Indeed, when opening a file with an insurer, the original invoice of the goods will be required for the refund. If you made a purchase on a platform like Le bon coin or Vinted, you will not necessarily have this invoice in your possession. 
  • If you choose a carrier that does not offer signature delivery.Sometimes shipping companies offer cheaper shipments without a signature on delivery. In this case, you will not be eligible for insurance because you do not have a signed proof of delivery.

Insure your shipment

When you have a high-value or particularly fragile package, it may be worth taking insurance for your shipment. 

The insurance covers your shipment and merchandise in case of loss, theft or damage. It is therefore ideal for the most valuable packages. 

Conditions for receiving insurance 

In the event of damage or loss resulting in the opening of a file with an insurer, certain documents must be provided. 

These include: 

  • Valid identification in your name / recipient’s name
  • The original invoice of the goods
  • Proof of reservations expressed to the carrier (see how how to express reservations))
  • Photos of the exterior and interior of the package upon delivery 

Make sure you have all the documents requested to be eligible for compensation. 

Other supporting documents may be requested in case of breakage (for example, a repair quote).

Cases where insurance cannot apply 

Although you have insured your shipment, it may happen that you cannot be reimbursed if certain clauses are not met

  • If you have not made a reservation to the carrier within 72 hours of receipt. The insurer will not be able to grant your request without official proof.
  • If you chose a delivery without a signature. Without proof of delivery, the package cannot be reported as stolen or lost. 
  • If the damage is related to your supplier’s original packaging
  • If the goods are blocked or destroyed for legal reasons (forbidden items or regulated in the country of dispatch for example)

Note : If you have under-declared the goods, you will only be refunded the declared value. For example, if the value of your item is €500 but you declare only €300, your refund will be calculated on the €300.

Now you know how to insure your packages and the conditions for a refund. Do you have more questions ? Contact our customer service who can guide you on the best options to choose for your shipments.