Armed conflicts: 5 watches that made history


Whether you are an amateur or an inveterate collector, the American market is a real goldmine for acquiring vintage watches, especially if they are military watches. 

To buy your watch in the United States, Easy Delivery has tracked 5 models that equipped the soldiers of the great conflicts of the 20th century. 

To wear a piece of history on your wrist, secondarily to be punctual. 

Watches of the trenches or watches of the poilus: the interest of the American market

It was this world conflict that gave birth to the first wristwatch. At the beginning, it was only a question of adapting the traditional gusseted watches for military use. 

To find the watch of your dreams, EBAY USA could meet your expectations. If you are more demanding and are looking for the rare pearl, it is difficult to avoid the site TRENCHWATCH which has some authentic period wonders, fully and perfectly restored. Prices are up to the task (nothing under $2000!), but it's worth a look! 

Also try your luck on CHRONO 24. An interesting "in-between" since the watches offered range from $500 to $3000. 

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BULOVA Type A-11: "the watch that won the war."

For the entry of the United States into the war in 1941, the specifications imposed by the American army were very simple. They needed a watch with very good legibility, Arabic numerals, resistance to dust, water (for a landing, it's better!) and extreme temperatures! BULOVA responded to the order by providing a model that combines simplicity and robustness. The contract was fulfilled for this watch with a black dial, although there are rarer white versions.

To be reserved for small wrists (horn to horn length of 39 mm!). 

The platform Ebay USA regularly offers beautiful models for prices ranging from $200 to $500.

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Dirty Dozen the Grail of collectors

Literally, the "dirty dozen". Dirty in reference to the many theaters of operation in which it was worn. 12 because no less than 12 different manufacturers produced it for the British army: Buren, Cyma, Eterna, Grana, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Lemania, Longines, IWC, Omega, Record, Timor and Vertex. 

Ordered for the Second World War, they were not delivered until 1945! They will however equip the wrists of British soldiers and some of their allies in Indochina, Korea...

The site CHRONO24 regularly offers them. Depending on the brand, count between a few hundred dollars up to several thousand if it is a Jaeger-LeCoultre! 

Will you be able to gather all 12? 

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MIL-W-46384 and GG-W-113: GIs in Vietnam 

Produced from the 1960s onwards, these two watches logically equipped the GIs during the Vietnam war. You can get a MIL-W-46374 or GG-W-113 from companies like Hamilton and Marathon for a range of $300 to $1,700. At Easy Delivery, we have a clear preference for the model manufactured by Benrus. Worn by Steve McQueen in the movie "Bullitt" (1968), this watch offers you two pieces of history for the price of one...But let's be honest, it's almost impossible to find....You can console yourself with some nice models offered by EBAY USA.

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Marathon Navigator : operation " Desert Storm " (1991)

Change of style. Change of era as well. Here is the Navigator ordered by the US Army and developed for the first time in 1986. The specifications of the US AIR FORCE required that it be usable at high altitude, resistant to significant temperature and pressure variations, and very readable for a pilot or a parachutist. 

It will equip GIs in Iraq and Afghanistan. 

For acquérir cette montre moderne, the price is between $300 and $1000 depending on the condition and year of production (a reissue was made in 1999).

So which soldier will you be? Order your watch in the USA. Easy Delivery delivers worldwide.