How to place an order in the United States or in France?

You want to place an order on a French or American website with Easy Delivery but you don't know how to do it?

Here are the different steps to follow to order in the United States or in France.

  • Create an account on Easy Delivery

On the website Easy DeliveryYou can create your account by clicking on "create my account". 

Then simply follow the steps by entering your personal information.

After registering your account, you will receive an e-mail to validate your account. By clicking on the validation link, you will be on your Easy Delivery dashboard.

The two addresses, the one of the warehouse in France and the one of the warehouse in the United States are indicated on your dashboard. These are these addresses you will need to enter when ordering from the French or American sites of your choice.


  • Order on the site of your choice

Once you have filled your cart and chosen your item, you can place your order through one of your Easy Delivery addresses. 

Order in mainland France

To place an order in Metropolitan France, here is how you must fill out the form:

  • First and last name : personal
  • Address line 1: 27 avenue de Rome.
  • Address line 2 : Easy Delivery + your Easy Delivery customer reference (composed of 6 numbers and letters). Please note that this line is very important. It is what will allow you to be delivered in the Easy Delivery warehouse and to be identified as the recipient of the package.
  • Postal code : 13127
  • City : Vitrolles
  • Country : France métropolitaine

For the phone number, you can indicate the Easy Delivery phone number. The delivery driver will be able to contact our warehouse in case of a problem with the delivery.

Order in the United States

For an order in the United States, here is how to fill out the form: 

  • First name et Last name : personal

  • Street address line 1 : 5910 Tulloch Spring Ct.

  • Street address line 2 : ED + votre référence client Easy Delivery

  • City : Haymarket

  • State : Virginia

  • Zip Code : 20169


Again, for the phone number, you can indicate the one provided by Easy Delivery. 

All you have to do is confirm and pay for your order. An email will be sent to you when your package arrives in our warehouse.

At this point, you can request the forwarding of your package.

You can also watch our video tutorial (ATTENTION, the old address is indicated on the tutorial. The operation remains the same with the new one) : 

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