Cowboy hats: the 5 American brands straddling the tradition

What object better embodies the American myth than the cowboy hat? This hat alone concentrates a piece of the "American way of life" and the United States still has a good number of companies that perpetuate a know-how at the service of the legend. 

Easy Delivery has selected for you 5 ways to get a piece of the myth. 

STETSON : the class in Dallas ! 

Created by John B. Stetson in the 1860s in Philadelphia (Texas), the Stetson Hat Company perpetuates the know-how of its founder. The Stetson is still worn by ranchers and businessmen alike. To get the authentic one, go to the source of the legend. The sign STETSON offers a wide range including its flagship model, the cowboy hat. It is necessary to count 200 $ pour la version la plus simple, jusqu’à plusieurs centaines de dollars pour les modèles les plus exigeants.

Acheter un chapeau de cowboy Stetson aux Etats-Unis
Skyline model by Stetson. Photo credit:

AHC : for the champions of Rodeo ! 

Other companies have of course positioned themselves on this considerable market. AMERICAN HAT COMPANY (AHC) is one of the old reference brands. Since 1915, this family business has been equipping Texas Rodeo champions with classic models in a wide range of colors (pecan, sangria or cactus...) and meticulous finishes. Our favorite ? The Black Rancher. For 310 $, go to the legend!

Acheter un chapeau de cowboy American Hat Company aux Etats-Unis
Black Rancher model by American Hat Company. Photo credit:

AMERICAN HAT MAKERS : a wide choice for affordable prices

With a entry level at $60 AMERICAN HAT MAKERS offers an interesting alternative. The models, all handmade, are more varied, for some even eccentric as the STORM COWBOY (419 $) which dares to combine rattlesnake and alligator skin! A Californian company that for 40 years has earned its place among the greats since its hats are guaranteed for life! 

Acheter un chapeau de cowboy American Hat Makers aux Etats-Unis
Storm Cowboy pattern by American Hat Makers. Photo credit:

RESISTOL JR Ewing's favorite brand! 

THE white cowboy hat worn by the oil tycoon in the Dallas series is a RESISTOL! Without taking yourself for an unscrupulous billionaire, you can however acquire the famous City Limits for $245. For the ranch, wait a little...

City Limits model by Resistol. Photo credit:

Gambler : Wake up the Clint Eastwood in you! 

This (non-exhaustive!) list of American hats would not be complete without mentioning the no less mythical GAMBLER model, popularized by Clint Eastwood in the iconic "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly". If the model seems to have inspired less American designers, it is in fact much more accessible. Starting at $50a short range is offered to you mainly led by the brands Eddy Bros, Bailey and Renegade. 

Gambler model by Bailey. Photo credit:

Choose the cowboy that suits you! Easy Delivery delivers your hat all over the world. For the horse on the other hand, it is "out of gauge"!