Ship a package from the USA with Easy Delivery

You have just received your first package in our warehouse in the United States and you are not sure of the procedure to follow for its redirection? Follow the guide! 

Réexpédier un colis depuis les USA

From our warehouse in the USA, the shipping request includes an additional small step. Don’t worry, everything is clearly indicated on the Easy Delivery website! 

The detailed tutorial is here 👇

To start : go in "My Packages" tab

Select the line of the package you wish to ship and then click on the three small “ACTION” dots on the left.

Select "Ship a package"

Then choose your billing and delivery address and proceed to step 2
Indicate the details of your items: with or without lithium battery, then choose from the list the type of item. This allows our system to offer you different carriers depending on the contents of your package.

You can then select the carrier of your choice : the estimated rates and delivery times are indicated for each carrier. 

Then complete the customs declaration upon arrival in your island/country. The declaration must be precise (the words “gift, personal, accessories, tools, etc, will not be accepted) and as accurate as possible. This declaration will be used by customs to establish customs duties and charges and/or sea clearance upon arrival of the package. 

You can choose whether or not to insure your package. If you choose not to insure your package, the compensation provided in case of loss, theft or damage is 23€ per kg. If you choose to insure your package, the price of the insurance is calculated according to the value of the declared goods.

Vérifiez les informations que vous avez sélectionnées auparavant et validez en choisissant votre moyen de paiement. Vous pouvez régler votre réexpédition par carte bancaire ou par Paypal. 


Une fois votre paiement effectué, un bandeau vert s’affiche en haut de la page pour confirmer la demande d’expédition et votre colis passe du statut “arrivée en dépôt acceptée” à “expédition demandée”. 

Nos équipes se chargent ensuite de l’expédition avec le transporteur que vous avez choisi le jour même ou le lendemain.

Now you know how to ship a package from our warehouse in the USA. Find our different tutorials to learn how to use Easy Delivery!

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