Like other false quarrels, the supposed opposition between Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger continues to be the subject of much ink! We prefer the Rolling Stones to the Beatles, Belmondo to Delon or chocolate bread to chocolatine! Even the Expendables saga is still surfing on this perfectly artificial enmity! 

In the 80s, these two stars played with muscle in their respective filmographies, each one seeming to answer to the other by blockbuster. In 1985, two films were released: "Commando" and "Rambo 2", in which these two actors showed off their biceps against a backdrop of armed conflict. An accessory was to mark a whole generation of teenagers: their knife! 

The americans websites continue to offer this iconic model for sales If you don't have the same muscles, you will at least have the knife! 

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3 american website to buy Rambo knives

Knifecountryusa : first of the sites where to glean some beautiful models. FIRST BLOODThe iconic knife took its name from the original name of the movie when it was released in the United States. Recognizable among all with its blade, its saw-tooth counter-blade and its unmistakable compass integrated in the cap! You will find on this first site models of great solidity. Starting at $120, you can start your collection. 

Knifecenter is also among the most complete for fans in the same price range. 

All these replicas are made under license. This means that in order to have the right to bear their official name, these copies must be strictly identical to Sylvester Stallone's! 

First Blood I et II, Rambo III, Rambo or Last Blood you will find them all! So which one do you prefer? 

At Easy Delivery, we have a preference for the LAST BLOOD HEARTSTOPPER. For only $170, it comes with its leather case with the "Rambo: Last Blood" logo! Classy!

What does Schwarzenegger think? We let you watch ! 


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Jack Crain: SCHWARZENEGGER imposes his knives on the set of "COMMANDO

In addition to replicas at affordable prices, you can also opt for collector's knives directly from the creativity of one of the greatest American knifemakers in the person of Jack Crain Jack Crain.

In the Texas countryside, the man has been designing and manufacturing unique pieces for 40 years, both in terms of their curves and their solidity. Hunting or fishing knives, every collector must have a Jack Crain !

Arnold SCHWARZENEGGER as a fine connoisseur asked to shoot the film with his knives. Today to acquire them, you will be on the waiting list... the famous Life Support System I is manufactured in small batches. You can expect to pay more than $1400 to reach the Holy Grail. 

Console yourself! You can purchase the machete from the movie Predator released in 1987, for a price ranging from $82 to $115 depending on the size of the "tool" between 18 and 27 inches (almost 70 centimeters!). And fairness obliges us to also point out the availability of the machette de Rambo IV  for less than 80 $ 

And if these few lines leave you doubtful, know that Colonel Trautman approves this article! 

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