Dates of the sales in the United States

In France, sales periods have been the same for several decades: winter and summer. Unlike in the United States, where sales last less time but are more regular. 

To find your way among all the dates of the sales in the USA, here is a small guide. 

Sale days in the United States

Here is a non-exhaustive list of the main dates of sales in 2022 in the United States: 


January White sales (the equivalent of the white month in France) : the whole month of January

February : 

  • President’s Day Sale : february 18-21
  • Valentine’s Day Sales : february 7-14

April Easter sales from April 11 to 18

May : 

  • Memorial Day Weekend Sale: May 27-30
  • Mother’s Day Sales : 2-8 may

June : Father’s Day Sale


July : 

  • July 4th Summer Sale : June 29 to July 4
  • Back-to-school Sale : July 26 to August 1st

August / September : Labor day Weekend Sale : August 26 to September 5

October : 

  • Columbus Day Weekend Sale : 7-10 october
  • Halloween Sales : 24-31 october

November :

  • Veterans Day : November 11th
  • Black Friday : November 26-27.
  • Cyber Monday : November 28th

December : After Holiday Sales : from December 26, 2022 to January 1, 2023

To buy during the sales in the USA

Just like in France, the items on sale vary according to the season and the occasion. At the end of summer, summer clothes, outdoor activities and garden items are discounted. The same is true at the end of December, when sales focus on items not sold for the holidays: table decorations, children's toys, etc... 

To find out what to buy and when, visit the French District which details the good plans month by month. 

This is your chance to shop all year long in the United States and receive your orders anywhere in the world with Easy Delivery. By the way, did you know how to use your US forwarding address ?