My package arrived damaged, what should I do?

When your package travels thousands of miles, it can be damaged despite all the care taken during its delivery. It can be very frustrating to discover your package damaged on delivery and this is where it all comes into play.

In the event of proven damage, the carrier offers you the possibility to make reservations, in other words, to open a claim.

The importance of reservations

It is absolutely necessary to officially declare the condition of your package upon receipt to the carrier. In the first place, this is what will serve as proof to obtain compensation. If you do not do this immediately or if you sign a delivery note, you tacitly declare that you have received the package in perfect condition. It's then your word against the delivery person's, and that can complicate things. Translated with (free version) 

Also, if you have purchased a insurance covering transportationIf the package is damaged, you will be asked to provide proof of the damage. In addition, by declaring the condition of the package to the carrier, you declare that it was damaged during transport and not after delivery, once at home.  

In which cases do you have to make reservations? 

As you have understood, the reserves are used to certify the condition of the package. It is not possible to issue reservations if the package arrives late for example.

Here are the cases (not exhaustive) where you must express reservations: 

  • Your package arrives visibly open or damaged. If the box is torn, dented, has a large hole,..., take the time to report it. Then open the package carefully to check the condition of your items. 
  • The Easy Delivery guarantee strip is damaged. At Easy DeliveryWe close the packages with a personalized guarantee strip. It is orange, it has our logo on it, in short: it cannot be opened and replaced discreetly! When your parcel arrives, if this strip has been cut or removed, inform the deliveryman immediately. 
  •  There is an item missing inside the package. If the outside of the package is intact and your supplier has not put a guarantee tape, it is possible that it has been opened without it being visible.  In this case, you must imperatively indicate to the deliveryman the missing product, by providing a copy of your original invoice.
  • You hear noises indicating breakage when you handle the package. You can immediately inform the deliveryman and open the package with him so that the broken objects are detailed in the reserves. 

How to express reservations? 

You have two ways to make reservations with the carrier:

  • It is possible to do this directly with the delivery person who will have to fill out a document in front of you. Don't forget to sign this document and make sure that the carrier signs it as well. This will serve as proof for the future. 
  • If the driver has already left when you open the package, you can go to the carrier's office 72 hours maximum after reception. This will give you all the evidence you need to prove the condition of the package. Once again, do not leave the agency without having signed an official document! 

Once you have your precious document indicating your reservations, all you have to do is wait for the return of your claim.