Christmas 2021: 5 models of boots to place under the tree!

You want to assert your rock, biker or cowboy side? The USA has preserved an authentic know-how to make this mythical boot. If you thought you'd seen everything about American creativity, you'll be surprised. And there is something for everyone! 

Easy Delivery guides you to choose the right pair of boots to put under the Christmas tree! 

A good start to the year 2022! 

Noël 2021 : 5 modèles de santiags à placer sous le sapin !

Lyndon Johnson bottes LUCCHESE

The setting is El Paso, Texas, officially named the capital of the American boot. You know you're in the right place. Born in the 50s, this company is one of the guardians of the know-how of American bootmakers. A wide range of shoes for all occasions, but the brand distinguishes itself with amazing models. The Mantauk Noir (also available in yellow) seems to be aimed at Tetris fans. Still, it costs $2595. Others beautiful models are available at about 1500 $but never less. Given the variety of models, if you can't find yours, you must be in a bad mood! Come back to this incredible site later! 

If you like rare leather goods, take a look at John Allen Woodward. Alligator, Caiman, Ostrich, each leather being declined in warm and ultra chic colors (yes, a pair of santiags can be elegant!). The ostrich models are an entry level at $1545. But the prices quickly soar when it comes to a complete model (8450 for this ostrich model or this  beautiful in alligator). Pour le plaisir des yeux et de vos pied

With an entry level at around $400, you can shoe a bit of the legend for less without giving up quality. This company, founded by Salvatore Lucchese, a Sicilian emigrant in the mid-19th century, has literally conquered the new continent. It's quite simple: the great American names all have them... James Dean wore them, the American president Lyndon Johnson too... And Arnold Schwarzenegger then governor of California bought a pair for the 125th anniversary of the brand. Even King Hassan II of Morocco has his pair of Lucchese boots offered by Ronald Reagan.

And the cheerleaders of the famous National Football League team (the "Cowboys") all wear them!

In short, you're treating yourself to a piece of American history! The favorite of our selection. 

All the models are not of the best taste...they have at least the merit to allow an unbridled creativity to express itself.'s up to you! Nevertheless, some models of the brand have caught our attention. Associations of colors and skins well thought give some boots a sustained charm! The little extra: the prices are very reasonable for boots of this look. As an example, this $600 model A beautiful pair of 'tiags with ostrich leather!

Do not trust the quality of the site! The boots are, them, perfectly irreproachable. This El Paso-based company (again!) puts its art at the service of your imagination. You can create from scratch the pair of boots of your dreams: measurements of course, choice of skins, colors, patterns, stitching, name, initials... The company's master shoemakers have no limits!

The price obviously depends on the materials and the hours needed to create each order. But you'll be sure to get absolutely unique boots! 

You can buy all these boots in the USA from France. So if you know what you want to order but don't know how to get it delivered, don't hesitate to create your Easy Delivery accountOrder in USA from all over the world and receive your shopping at home!