Sponsor your friends on Easy Delivery

When you enjoy something, you want to share it and that’s normal! As many of you enjoy Easy Delivery, we have created a sponsorship program for you and your loved ones. You can make them discover Easy Delivery by winning a reward ! 

Easy Delivery sponsorship program awards

First and foremost, what’s to be gained? 😉

When you invite loved ones to discover our service, you allow them to benefit of 20% discount on their first shipment with Easy Delivery. 

On your side, you get 5% of the amount spent by all your friends for lifewhich is to be transformed into a gift card. In other words,Each time one of your godchildren does a redirection with Easy Delivery, you recover 5% of his expenses. You can then turn this money into a gift card. 

How do I register for the sponsorship program? 

To become a sponsor, go to your Easy Delivery account in the sponsorship tab

You access a form where your name and email address will be automatically filled in by our system. Simply click on “I sponsor”.

You can then share your sponsorship link in four ways: 

  • By email directly
  • On Facebook or Twitter
  • By copying the link to share it on the medium of your choice

Once your first links are shared, you will receive an email to notify each registered relative and when you have won a reward. 

Comment s’inscrire au programme de parrainage ?

Reclaiming your Sponsor Award

When your sponsorship has been validated and your godson has made his first redirection, you start to accumulate sponsorship points. They correspond to 5% of the amount spent by your godson. 

To view your points or rewards, you can visit the"gift shopof the sponsorship tab. All you have to do is ask for your reward based on your points! 

Take advantage of your discount as a godson

To make you discover Easy Delivery, your sponsor sent you an invitation by email. Here you will find your personal discount code to use on your first shipment.

To use it, simply register on Easy Delivery and place your first order with one of our warehouse addresses.

  • Please note that you can only be sponsored if you have not yet registered for Easy Delivery. 

It is during your first redirection that you will need to enter your personal discount code before paying. 

Now you know how to become a sponsor in a few clicks and give your loved ones a great plan!