White American rums: Ti'Punch or cocktail? 


Contrary to French rum and especially the one produced in the West Indies, white rum from the United States is mostly used in cocktails, which Americans have become as fond of as specialists. It is possible to have a nice assortment of these spirits delivered to you and to make a tour of the continent without leaving your home! Buy these spirits in the United States, EASY DELIVERY ensures the forwarding of your packages anywhere in the world

A small overview of the many American rums that you can have delivered to your home. 

Louisiana : Rum'n blues

With a Bayou Rum Blanc ($24.99-$21), you are promised the "spirit of Louisiana"! You could be satisfied with that...but with the Rougaroux® you will touch the bottom of its soul. Several times awarded, this rum come from a family distillery (dpdspirits), takes the name of a creature from Cajun folklore.

In its image, the nectar produces some strong sensations (50,9°) and will know, in the center of a cocktail (if you want some ideas ), to give the other ingredients their own identity. The touch has a price: about 56 $ (47 €). To be tasted, without hesitation! 

Louisiane : Rum’n blues

Rums from Hawaii: the promise of an island 

Hawaii hasn't just produced surfers and episodes of Magnum! The volcanic Pacific island is also a hotbed of American distillery. You have the opportunity to enrich your bar with these two white rums emblematic of the island. The first: the rhum Kohana A spirit that ranks among the top of the range ($35 for 375 ml) and that unfolds the deep flavors of native Hawaiian sugar cane varieties. To be tasted "on the rocks" to appreciate the specificity of this cane, but it also perfectly accepts to be associated with a cocktail to which it will give thickness. 

Le second : le rhum KoholaAmong the latest arrivals (2008), the Koloa distillery immediately displayed its ambition: to place Hawaii among the best rum producers in the world. Four years later, the bet paid off: its rums were ranked among the ten best American rums! The House has of course its white rum, but declines a complete range that will delight the most demanding. 

Rums from Hawaii: the promise of an island

Rhum blanc « Widows walk » de Newport Craft Brewing. : une émotion à 67,5°…

Without concern of exhaustiveness, let us close our list by this interesting proposal formulated by the distillery of the new England, Newport craft. The "widows walk" is a powerful rum, "untamed" some would say. Its buttered and cooked sugar flavors will certainly transform your traditional mojito into a racy cocktail. A must for those who love fine and strong sensations. 33,99 $ (29 €). 

White rum " Widows walk " of Newport Craft Brewing. An emotion at 67.5°...