If you are a sneaker fan, if you want to buy the latest Air Jordan or a reissue of the Reebok Pump, it's possible! Thanks to Easy Delivery, you will be able to buy in the United States collectors' sneakers! We ensure the forwarding of all your parcels and this, everywhere in the world! 

Some examples of sites to make you happy at the beginning of the school year? 

Make your purchases on the American site poshmark.com ! And have it delivered in France! 

The used clothing website is full of bargains and for the used sneakers lovers, it's a deluge of models more surprising than the others! Whether you want to buy Nike Air, Air Jordan or Vans that you can't find, this site is a real Ali Baba's cave! 

Here are some examples to make you fall in love!

If you don't immediately find the model of your dreams, return frequently. And there is (unfortunately) no possibility to create alerts. So you have to be patient or...try your luck on the following 3 sites. 

Sneakers, accéder aux modèles cultes américains

StockX the ultimate reference for sneaker connoisseurs 

Born in 2016, this platform for selling and reselling streetwear products is THE reference in the field: 2.5 billion dollars in sales in 5 years! 

The site is full of rare sneakers and StockX has authentication centers. This is the guarantee that the model you buy is not a counterfeit. So you can buy your sneakers with confidence! 

The 2 other American sites where to buy your sneakers collectors: Wethenew, and Sneakers Heat

You will probably find us severe, but at Easy Delivery we care about customer service! So, when it comes to recommending a site to buy your sneakers, we discover that many are dubious... So only two complementary sites are proposed to you. 

Wethenew is a platform that offers new and perfectly authentic products for sale, thanks to an extensive network of private and professional resellers. Here too, you can buy with confidence your Dunk High Game Royal from NIKE! 

Finally, the last one on our list: sneakers-heat. Here also, customer service and quality of sneakers offered make it a reference site. Buy with your eyes closed your YEEZY d’Adidas ! You will only get the real thing. 

Original sneakers : only on USA sites

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