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Americans have a sense of duty and the "stars and stripes" are not only on official buildings. A majority of American homes proudly display the colors of the national flag. The army and the police are part of the markers of this identity. As in France, there are good places to buy uniforms and other professional equipment. 

Easy Delivery gives you some good tips to make your shopping in the USA from France!

Duty boots: to give momentum to duty 

Duty boots or tactical boots according to the American sites. Intervention boots, military boots in French...there is no shortage of names. Nevertheless, they all refer to the same requirement: in the action, you must have flexible, light and resistant boots. The Americans have high quality models for prices ranging from $80 to $160. 

You can opt for this intermediate model: the Bottes 5.11 Botte Tactical ATAC 2.0 8 for the "side-zip" model or for the COYOTE 8″ BELLEVILLE that you will wear with pleasure simply for comfort. A wide range exists on these two sites: enough to satisfy your desires for special interventions! 

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Backpacks: to each his own

Whether it's a short intervention or a major operation, it's better not to forget anything at home! Here too, the American army knows how to do it and offers models where space is optimized and the soldier's comfort is respected ( doesn't become a Sunday stroll!). Among these, some bags that you will not find in France: the Fox Outdoor Large Transport Pack (80 $) or this large deployment bag à 396,68 $. Surf on the LBT website which presents a wide range of backpacks adapted to all types of operations. Choose yours! 

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Everything to survive in a hostile environment 

And if you're a bit of a survivalist at heart (or a pessimist by nature!), you can also get everything you need to survive a zombie attack on the American market! From gas mask (serbian, israelian or czech ?) or complete first aid kit until weather survival kit, you can watch the end of the world coming with serenity (well... almost!). 

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Jacket or parka, you won't be afraid of the cold! 

If you had to name only one item of an American uniform, what would you name? The aviator jacket of course! An authentic piece of American pride, they are also of exceptional quality. On the website US WINGSyou will find the classic and well known Flight jacket (between $189 and $219), until A-2 jacket (jackets worn by American airmen during World War II, starting at $550) without forgetting the emblematic Top Gun Maverick aviator jacket. This jacket made of Nomex fireproof fabric will cost you the modest sum of $1030! As a fan of the 1986 film or as an admirer of the American school of excellence, you will not go unnoticed with this jacket! 

The Military parkas of very good quality will also allow you to face the winter. Considering the quality, and for $360 maximum, it is a very good value for money when compared to the brands currently in vogue in France. 

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