Back to school in the USA

In the United States, the vacations end earlier than in France and students often go back to school at the beginning of August. The "Back to school" sales are launched every year around July 25th on a majority of American websites. 

While school supplies are offered at discounted prices, there are also great discounts on clothing and electronics. A great way to start the school year!

To help you with your shopping, we've put together a guide to the best sites for Back to school sales in the US. And guess what? Easy Delivery livre vos achats en ligne partout dans le monde depuis les USA ! 

1/ American sites where to buy school supplies

Walmart and Target : No need to introduce them to you, they are the two most famous American supermarkets! You'll find all the school supplies your kids need: pens, notebooks, markers... And the bonus: the famous American-style lunch boxes featuring your kids' favorite characters. 

Staples : a site specializing in office supplies. In addition to offering the most popular brands of school supplies, Staples offers a wide range of chairs, printers and computers. They often offer great temporary deals, so be sure to check them out regularly. 

2/ The best US sites for computing

Apple : Apple is going all out for back-to-school with some great discounts. If the Apple products are generally cheaper in the US, you'll find them at even lower prices for Back to school sales. It's time to splurge on a new computer!

Best Buy : THE reference for electronics in the United States. For Back to School sales, the’équivalent de la FNAC in the USA is offering a series of discounts on essential back-to-school equipment: computers, watches, printers... 

3/ Our selection for a stylish back to school

Kohl’s : The ideal brand to redo your children's wardrobe... and yours ! In addition to home decor and beauty products, Kohl's offers men's / women's / children's clothing. On the program: ultra trendy prints and fashionable looks for the whole family. 

Old Navy : the American brand par excellence for men's, women's and children's clothing. For the back-to-school sales, Old Navy is focusing on low prices among children's clothing: pants, t-shirts and .... socks!