Black Friday 2022 : buy on American sites !

If you don't know what Black Friday is, Easy Delivery propose you first, to explain to you what it is (very simple!), second how to enjoy the most incredible American brands' sales without moving from home (we just answered the first question, right?!). In short, we tell you everything and above all how to take the step to buy in the United States and group your packages to benefit from a reduction in shipping costs! Easy Delivery accompanies you step by step in your purchases. 

Black Friday USA: up to 90% on thousands of products 

Black Friday comes from the United States and is organized on the Friday following Thanksgiving. Mark your calendars, the 2022 edition will take place on Friday, November 25, 2022! But be vigilant: many sites start their campaign of broken prices a week before! Black Friday is just the highlight of these incredible sales! 

Born in the 50s, it is the largest commercial operation in the USA. On this occasion, incredible discounts and sales are granted on thousands of items! If you are a history lover and want to know more, listen to that (In French) In three minutes you will know everything!

If this operation was imported in Europe and France in the years 2010, the American offer remains the most attractive, still we must be able to access it! Don’t panic, this is precisely what Easy Delivery offers! 

How can I easily access American sales? 

Many American sites are directly accessible from a computer in France. But access to some e-commerce sites can be reserved for US buyers only. In this case, a simple solution exists: Virtual Private Networks or VPN. They can hide your location by changing your computer’s IP address! How do I access it? Easy Delivery accompanies you step by step! The procedure is HERE. 

Depending on the case, with or without VPN, American sites are available to you! If you lack ideas, here are the e-commerce sites where you can enjoy the best deals: 

How can I receive all these items at home without moving from my couch? 

Very simple!

  1. You can create an account on Easy Deliveryand you obtain an address in our US warehouse.
  2. You make your purchases by indicating the address of the Easy Delivery warehouse.
  3. Your packages arrive at the American warehouse. You are then notified by email. Choose the destination of your choice for the forwarding of all your purchases! 

As you will enjoy many of these sales (we know you!), you may have an interest in consolidating several packages.. As transport prices are decreasing depending on the size of the package, choosing this option may allow you to lower your bill ! Make a shipping simulation and request consolidation of your packages! Note that this option is particularly advantageous for small packages (books, shoes, clothing, etc.). 


So? Will you finally have fun and enjoy these unique sales in the world?