Black Friday US: our advice for your purchases in the United States 

Les plus grosses promotions de l’année arrivent dans quelques semaines. Le 25 novembre c’est le Black Friday aux Etats-Unis et en France. Grâce à Easy Delivery, vous bénéficiez d’une adresse gratuite aux Etats-Unis et France pour réaliser vos achats lors du Black Friday. 

We share with you all our tips to do your shopping and get the best discounts. 

Use a forwarding address for packages

When you want to buy on a website abroad (in France or in the United States for example), you are sometimes blocked when choosing the address. Indeed, the site does not offer delivery in your country and it is the drama... 

To overcome this problem, there are parcel forwarding services such as Easy Delivery. We offer two free forwarding addresses: one in France and one in the United States. 

This allows you to place your orders on any website delivering in France or in the United States and to receive your packages in the Easy Delivery warehouse. Then, all you have to do is ask for your order to be forwarded to your home, anywhere in the world. 

To take advantage of Black Friday in the United States, you must use your Easy Delivery US address. Moreover, for those whose English would not be at the top, follow our guide to help you fill out the delivery forms on U.S. sites.

Small reminder : remember to indicate your customer reference in the address when you order. This allows our logisticians to register your parcels on your account more easily.

Getting online at the right time for Black Friday in the US

One silly thing to think about: the time of connection! Yes, depending on where you live in the world, Black Friday will not launch at the same time for everyone. 

Remember to check the Black Friday launch times of the sites you want to buy from and set your alarm clock accordingly. If it falls in the middle of the night for you, arm yourself with courage and a good coffee! 

Also, an online waiting list can be set up at certain stores. Again, you will have to wait your turn to get the best discounts. 

Check that your bank card works abroad

After checking the time of connection, remember to inquire about the possibilities of payment abroad with your credit card. It would be a shame to find yourself without a valid means of payment when your shopping cart is filled with items at 80% off.

To do this, you can consult the conditions of use of your bank card with your bank. 

In addition, it can be interesting to have a Paypal account active and ready to be used. This will allow you to avoid possible bank charges that may be related to purchases abroad.

Vérifier que votre carte bancaire fonctionne à l’étranger

Make a pre-selection of sites for your Black Friday purchases

Last but not least, make a pre-selection of the sites that interest you. Without it, you will find yourself in a sea of brands and discounts, without knowing where to go. 

By doing a little research beforehand, you will have an idea of the stores that interest you for Black Friday. On the day of the event, all you have to do is go to these sites and do your shopping in peace, without feeling lost on your way.

Among the best known in the United States: 





JC Penney


With these tips in mind, all you have to do is organize your Black Friday so you don't miss out on any promotions! Easy Delivery makes your life easier and takes care of your forwarding from the United States and France by providing you with a free forwarding address!