How to order on Amazon USA from France (and everywhere in the world) ?

In recent years, it has been impossible to miss: Amazon is everywhere! For your daily purchases, for Christmas or for a birthday, there is almost everything on the platform. Only Amazon has a limit: international delivery. So, when you order on Amazon in France, for example, it is difficult to have your order delivered elsewhere than in France. 

However, the foreign Amazon platforms are full of original brands and products that you want to acquire. For that, one solution: use a fowarding address

Use a fowarding address for your package

A what? A forwarding address that allows you to order in a country where you do not live and receive your package anywhere in the world 

Several services offer postal addresses in different countries. At Easy Delivery the blog, we offer two free address: one in France and one in United States Easy Delivery, nous vous offrons deux adresses gratuites : en France et aux Etats-Unis. 

This allows you to order from French and American sites and receive your packages anywhere in the world 

Most of the time, the creation of the address is free and you have to pay only the price of the transport to your home.

How to order on Amazon at the United States from France ?

As you can see, to access Amazon USA, you will need an American address to receive your packages. This is where a forwarding platform such as Easy Delivery comes into play. Not only will you be able to have your American orders delivered there, but also and above all, receive them at home afterwards. 

3 easy steps to order on Amazon US: 

  • Create an account on a fowarding platform (Easy Delivery par exemple)
  • Order on Amazon US with the US warehouse address
  • Once your packages have arrived in the warehouse, ask for forwarding to your home, anywhere in the world. Moreover, the forwarding services offer several carriers, so it's up to you to choose the one that suits you!

You now have the trick to order on Amazon USA from France (or from any other country!). And the best part: you can order from any website that delivers to the US, that works the same way

Think to suscribe for free on Easy Delivery to get your US mailing address. 

If you don't know what to buy in the USA, you can consult our section Shopping Idea which is full of good plans!