How to order on Bath and Body Works from all over the world ?

You have not dreamed reading the title: YES, it is possible to order on Bath and Body Works even when you do not live in the United States. 

How? With a few clicks and a forwarding address in the USA. We explain everything in detail below. 

Order on Bath and Body Works in the United States

If you discovered the brand during a stay in the US, or thanks to American influencers, you surely dream of having unlimited access to it. With its original and wacky fragrances, the brand is now very popular in the world of body care. Problem: Bath and Body Works has few shops in the world except in the United States, and almost none in Europe.

Using a forwarding address in the United States 

To be able to order on the site, you must ideally have a forwarding address in the United States.. The principle: you get a real American postal address to place your orders in the United States. Then a forwarding service such asEasy Delivery receive your package in a warehouse and ship it back to you, around the world. 

With this address, you can order from any site delivering to the USA (Bath and body works,, Walmart and thousands of others). This allows you to: have unlimited access to the American market without living there, benefit from cheaper brands, etc..


On Easy Delivery, registration is free and allows you to obtain an address in the United States but also an address in France (to be able to order in France if you live in the DOM-TOM or abroad). Several carriers are available to meet all your needs: low-cost carriers, express carriers, etc.

Follow our tutorial to make your first orders and access to every US brands !