American automatic knives: stop on 4 marks one notch above

Popularized by movies and rogue films, if you are told about a switchblade, you immediately think of the classic Italian horn switchblade. 

Fortunately, the Americans have greatly improved the device and have even become specialists in the genre. Among the dozen of American brands presenting a range of automatic knives made in the USA, we have selected 4. 

What is the best knife? It's up to you to decide! 

BENCHMADE The basics

The brand's knives are all handmade. The offer is rich and the brand proposes a wide range of use, BENCHMADE is especially known for its EDC (Every Day Carry), knives of every day. 

The proposed automatics range from 200 et 500 $. The good value for money lies in the model CLAYMORE which for, $230 allows you to hold in hand all the requirements of the brand: neat design and high quality steel. The knife incorporates the patented system ("Axis Lock") that has built the company's reputation for three decades. The Axis also allows ambidextrous operation! 

BENCHMADE : les basiques

Microtech : design and functionality

Founded in 1994 in Vero Beach, Florida, the company has built a solid reputation on the image of its knives. Among its main customers, the American army for which it created the HALO, the UDT, the SOCOM or the Currahee. The company has become a reference for its automatic double-action knives with front deployment "OTF" (Out The Front). 

The plus of the brand: the ejection spring is at rest in the open and closed positions of the blade, main defect of the first automatic. 

The flagship model: The Ultratech. Count between 280 and about $300 depending on the model. 

Microtech : design et fonctionnel

GERBER : « Man vs Wild »

Based in Portland, Oregon, this American brand has been around since 1939 and has become one of the largest American knife brands. 

Gerber has met a great success these last years thanks to the knife "Bear Grylls by Gerber" which appears in the show "Man vs Wild" on the Discovery channel where Bear Grylls (former member of the SAS, British special services) tries to survive in hostile environment. 

While the latter model is quite common, the GERBER AUTO Folding Knifet is an original and safe model. Its Tanto blade is inspired by Japanese katana and has an exceptional line and grip. Expect to pay about $170. 

They are all guaranteed for life! That's how serious the brand is...

GERBER : « Man vs Wild »

Marfione : a Rolls in the pocket

This brand is reserved for the most discerning... 

The knifes Marfione are designed by Anthony Marfione, founder of Microtech knives (mentioned in this article!). Built in his workshop in North Carolina, these jewels are distributed by a very small network of selected retailers who are seasoned professionals attached to the Marfione brand. Featuring an "OTF" (Out The Front) deployment system, they are fully customizable, just like the famous English Rolls Royce. 

As always, excellence comes at a cost: $1000 for the basic version, but prices quickly soar to over $3000! At least for the look of it, enjoy the HERA with its titanium and snake skin handle, Damascus blade...

The knife of a lifetime. 

Marfione : une Rolls dans la poche.

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