Vous cherchez des compléments alimentaires qui vous permettront d’être au top de votre forme ? Pour vous aider à faire votre choix, Easy Delivery vous propose de découvrir les 4 meilleurs sites de vente de protéines en France

Vente de protéines en France : My Protein

Founded in 2004, MyProtein is the market leader in food supplements in Europe. Focused on sport, wellness, and health, My Protein offers a wide range of products at the best price.

En particulier,  My Protein adapte ses produits pour tous les profils et inclut les différentes restrictions alimentaires de chacun (vegan, végétarien, sans gluten etc…).

You will find on their site an important list of Whey and protein bars that will keep you in shape in all circumstances!

Forte de sa spécialisation dans la nutrition sportive, la marque a développé une gamme de vêtements qui a su séduire un grand nombre de sportifs. La marque est adapté à tous les sport comme le yoga la natation mais aussi la course à pied. 

Among the different collections: hoodies, perfect for running on a winter evening. But also oversize t-shirts, shorts or jogging that combine style and sport. The MyProtein textile range is available here

D’ailleurs, MyProtein s’engage aussi à réduire son impact environnemental en utilisant des matériaux recyclés et biodégradables dans leur production. La marque offre par exemple des thermos réutilisables à chacun de leurs clients dans le but de limiter la production d’emballages en plastique.

My protein - vente de protéine en France
Crédit photo : www.fr.myprotein.com

Découvrez la marque Bulk

Bulk has been a leader in sports nutrition since 2006. With a wide selection of products and a very good value for money, Bulk attracts many athletes who want to eat healthy.

The brand likes to differentiate itself through its «pleasure-products». Indeed, it offers on its website spreads or preparations for cookies and muffins. These gourmet recipes allow athletes to consume their favorite products with a “fit” version.

En plus, Bulk s’engage à proposer une nutrition de classe mondiale avec des produits de qualité, des emballages durables et surtout des produits avec du goût.

Go on Bulk website to discover those products. 

bulk - vente de protéine en France
Crédit photo : Bulk.com

Vente de protéines chez Décathlon

The French brand has now expanded and developed in the field of protein foods for sports.

Si bien que la Whey Protein Domyos is the best known French Whey on the market.  In addition to their attractive price, Decathlon food supplements contain many flavors. They are also suitable for all dietary restrictions of consumers.

If you want to consume French, you can do it with Decathlon. You just need to order your food supplements on Decathlon.fr and have it delivered. By the way, Easy Delivery delivers your protein all over the world !

whey décathlon - vente de protéine en France
Crédit photo : decathlon.fr

Et pour terminer, focus sur Nu3

Nu3 wants to develop a smart diet for a healthier life and is keen to offer innovative products of good quality.

Nu3 brand dietary supplements will allow you to obtain essential nutrients with optimal nutritional values!

In addition, Nu3 also offers its users to accompany them by creating healthy and quick recipes to make. The brand wants to be as close as possible to its customers to accompany them in their diet.

To make themselves known to everyone, Nu3 does not hesitate to surround itself with ambassadors followed by thousands millions of followers on Instagram! You can find them here.

So if you want to join the Nu3 family, it is possible and very accessible with prices around 25 euros for a kg of Whey.

NU3 - vente de protéine en France
Crédit photo : nu3.fr

Maintenant que vous en savez un peu plus sur la vente de protéines en France, vous pouvez faire votre shopping en France or in the United States.Easy Delivery delivers your package worldwide.