The two behemoths of online sales are fiercely competing with each other… and the numbers are staggering! While the two platforms have a comparable number of users (187 million for Ebay and 200 million subscribers to Amazon’s Prime service), their respective revenues are not. $470 billion for Jeff Bezos' platform versus (only!) $10 billion for Ebay in 2022…

But what makes the fortune of these two web titans? Let’s take a closer look at the items that sold the most in 2022. 

Ebay: the auctions

At the top of the sales list, and this is quite surprising, everything related to the world of baby Whether it’s games to amuse them, cuddle them (stuffed animals and teddy bears) or develop their faculties, the Fisher Price brand seems to be doing well and remains the favorite brand in the category.

Right behind, what the platform calls “Trade and Industry” the category is more a “catch-all” category than a real classification! This term includes products relating to dental care, health products (with a flagship product... disposable face mask, Covid, you know). To these first objects are added those dedicated to the handling (shipping envelopes and boxes). Curious category, but it doesn’t matter since it sells!

Ebay US photo material

Third category, photo.For the budding Robert Doisneau and Helmut Newton, the site is full of lighting kits to have a real studio at home. Next are cellular phones, smart watches and other accessories,alongside which are sold cases, protective shells and blankets and helmets. Apple and Samsung are, of course, the heavyweights of the category.

Multimedia on Ebay

Finally, the last category, electronics. Brands that are “trending” are well known : they are called Beats by Dr. Dre and SkullcandyIn another register, TV, video and home audio elements such as multimedia broadcasters are in high demand, as is the case with electronic monitoring (security cameras...). 

Amazon: a river of objects of all kinds

Certain categories of goods sold on Amazon have the same ranking as its competitor. This is the case for the first category : toys ! However, this is not intended for infants but children in the variety of ages.

The platform is one of the essential relays of Disney and Pixar derivative products… With each outing, success is guaranteed!

Amazon US Electronic Items

Second category,electronics.With two products that stand out: Fire TV Stick 4K with Alexa Voice Remote, the streaming media player and Echo Dot (3rd generation), this smart speaker with Alexa built in.

We find the universe of photo. in third place in the ranking. Unsurprisingly, this sub-category of electronics won the votes of buyers with a clear interest in Wyze smart wireless indoor camera..

Sports and leisure equipment 

Our four-legged friends are no exception. Pet supplie hold the fourth rankof best-sellers, mainly focused on animal hygiene (Earth-Rated canine waste bags or 5-layer anti-leak pads with quick drying)).

Finally, fifth category sports and outdoorsThe best classified are clothing (Gildan Men’s Fleece Hoodie G18500 and Hanes EcoSmart Sweat-shirt for man). Just behind la Thermos water bottle reusable children’s stainless steel are also a hit !