Il existe de nombreuses options pour acheter des vêtements et accessoires de seconde main en ligne en France. En plus de faire un geste pour l’écologie, this allows you to find old limited collections or to find rare vintage pieces. 

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Why buy second-hand clothes?
Economical: buy cheaper

Second-hand clothing is often much cheaper than new clothing. This can save you money and find quality clothing at affordable prices.

Green: reduce production of new clothing

By buying second-hand clothing, you help reduce textile waste and prevent clothing from ending up in landfills. This can have a positive impact on the environment.

Unique: hidden gems

Second-hand clothing can be very original and allow you to stand out by wearing unique and vintage pieces.


Buy second-hand clothes in France

These sites are easily accessible in France and allow you to find second-hand clothes at affordable prices. Do not hesitate to browse these sites to find original pieces!


Vinted Vinted is the most popular online sales platform for used clothing in Europe. It allows users to buy and sell clothing, shoes and accessories. You can find second-hand clothing for men, women and children.

On Vinted, you can also find makeup, perfumes and even some collectibles like Pop Figurines and video games. 

Leboncoin and Ebay

Although these sites are not specifically intended for the sale of second-hand clothing, you can find some nice pieces there at very low prices. For example, the baby category on Le Bon Coin or the Vintage corner on Ebay. 

Vestiaire Collective

Vestiaire Collective is a second hand luxury clothing sales site. It offers a selection of clothing, shoes, bags and accessories from leading brands. The plus: all items are reviewed and certified by the platform before they go on sale. So you’re sure about what you’re buying!

Asos Marketplace 

A section of the Asos online store dedicated to the sale of vintage and second hand clothing. The best vintage brands are present there : The Vintage Archive, Hunger Vintage or Out of the Ordinary

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