Soft drinks have never been so popular in France and many trendy brands offer their gourmet creations. Discover 4 brands of soft drinks, 100% made in France!

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JNPR SpiritsNon-alcoholic spirits

Surely THE brand we’ve seen the most on social networks! It repeats all the codes of mixology by associating natural plants with proven benefits, all without alcohol and sugar.

JNPR Spirits reinvents the aperitif with recipes of drinks with botanical plants, flowers and full of flavors.

Discover the JNPR n°1, with notes of juniper berries, cardamom and apple. The 70cl bottle allows to make more than alcohol-free 15 cocktails and was awarded a gold medal at the 2020 Spirits Design Masters. 

A great discovery for those who do not drink alcohol. 

Le Petit Béret : alcohol-free wine

Behind the Petit Béret hides Dominique Laporte, voted Best Sommelier of France in 2004. Offer “real” wine without alcohol, a daring bet for a sommelier! 

Here no wine that would have been desalcoholized, désalcoolisé, but a “vinification” without alcoholic fermentation. Grapes are selected from organic producers for their quality and aromatic profile.

After transforming the grains into juice, the Petit Béret assembles them to create unique drinks, with an explosion of flavours in the mouth. 

On the brand's site, you will find : white wines,, reds and rosés, as well as beers,, spirits, and sparkling wines.What to spend a pleasant moment at the "aperitif"!

Osco alcohol-free aperitif

Specialist of non-alcoholic aperitifs, Osco brings "verjus" up to date. Widely used in gastronomy in the Middle Ages, it is a green grape juice, harvested before maturity. 

This juice is then assembled with southern plants and gentian, a typical mountain plant. We thus obtain an aperitif of character, very little sweet, and gold medalist at the Epicures Award of the fine grocery store 2021! 

For amateurs, you can also find Osco “Le rouge ardent”, with red berries and ginger. 

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