How do I send a package with Easy Delivery?

You have just placed your first order with one of the Easy Delivery addresses and your package has just arrived? This tutorial is for you. 


Find out all the steps to reship your package with Easy Delivery from France or the United States to your home. 

  • Ordering from Metropolitan France or the United States

You placed your order on the website of your choice a few days ago and your package has just arrived in one of Easy Delivery's warehouses. 

When your package is registered on your account, you will receive an automatic e-mail from Easy Delivery to let you know that it has arrived. You then have 20 or 30 days of free storage (Premium advantage ) to request its forwarding from your account (the maximum storage time is 90 days before destruction of the package. Beyond the free days, it is charged 1,5€ per day and per package). 

  • Worldwide parcel forwarding

Now is the time to request the forwarding of your package from your Easy Delivery account. You can initiate the request at any time by logging in to your account and going to : 

  • "Packages" tab
  • Select the line of the package you want to resend and click on the three small ACTIONS dots on the left
  • Select "Ship my parcel"

STEP 1 : Choose your billing and delivery address and go to step 2

STEP 2 : Select your carrier according to your needs The rates and estimated delivery times are indicated for each carrier. 

Then complete the declaration for customs upon arrival in your island/country. The declaration must be accurate (words like "gift, miscellaneous, personal, accessory, tools, etc... will not be accepted) and as true as possible. This declaration will be used by customs to establish the customs fees and duties and/or dock dues upon arrival of the package. 

STEP 3 : You can choose to insure or not your package. If you choose not to insure your parcel, the compensation in case of loss, theft or damage is 23€ per kg. 

If you choose to insure your package, the price of the insurance is calculated according to the value of the declared goods.

STEP 4 : Check the information you have previously selected and validate by choosing your payment method. You can pay your forwarding by credit card or Paypal. 

  • Shipment validation

Once your payment has been made, a green banner appears at the top of the page to confirm the shipping request. Your parcel goes from the status "arrival in warehouse accepted" to "shipping requested". Our teams will then take care of the shipping with the carrier you have chosen the same day or the next day. If you request a re-shipping on Friday, the package will not be given to the carrier until the following Monday. 

  • Why isn't reshipment automatic? At Easy Delivery, we give you the opportunity to receive other parcels before you make your shipping request and choose your carrier among those proposed. The forwarding cannot be automatic and is only done on request. 

You can also find our tutorial video which explains step by step how to request your package forwarding.

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