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You are about to place an order on your favorite website but you would like to know the shipping cost of a parcel first? It's possible with the Easy Delivery rate simulator. 

Find all our advice and explanations to estimate the cost of your forwarding in a few clicks. Also learn how to calculate your customs fees in advance. 

  • Understanding volumetric weight 

To help you estimate your shipping cost, Easy Delivery provides you with a transportation cost simulatorYou can access it freely, without creating an account by clicking on the "Pricing" button. 

The Easy Delivery rate tool calculates the volumetric weight of your package. 

If the volumetric weight is not familiar to you, find below more details about it.

With most air carriers, the shipping rate is calculated according to the volumetric or taxable weight of the package. The formula "length x width x height /5000" is used to obtain the volumetric weight (in other words, the volume of the package). 

The more this weight is important, the higher the shipping rate is. It is therefore possible to have a very large package with a volumetric weight of 50kg when the actual weight is only 5kg. In this case, the weight used to calculate the rate is 50kg (discover how to optimize your shipping costs). 

  • Use the rate calculator on Easy Delivery

Now that you're up to speed on volumetric weight, let's find out how to use the Easy Delivery rate calculator

 To obtain a shipping rate with our carriers, you must enter the following information: the weight of the package, its dimensions and the country of delivery. You can then vary these measurements to get the most complete estimate possible. 

To find information such as the dimensions of the package and its weight, several options are available to you: 

  • You can find them in the product description sheet, at the level of the characteristics. This information is often indicated on websites specialized in furniture, household appliances, computer equipment or toys. 
  • Ask the customer service of the website you want to order from, indicating the products you want to buy.

If you still can't find the exact information, you can still make an estimate. To do this, you can enter the dimensions 30x20x15 (average dimensions of a standard e-commerce package) and vary the weight to get an idea of the costs. 

  • Namely : Your packages will be automatically measured and weighed upon arrival at the warehouse. 
  • Calculate the customs fees for a package 

The cost of shipping a package is divided into two parts. The first part is the shipping cost, which you pay on the Easy Delivery website. A second part corresponding to the fees and customs duties upon arrival of the package. These customs fees are not included in the Easy Delivery rates.

These customs duties are due to the carrier upon arrival of your package at its destination, after customs clearance. Please keep in mind that the payment of these fees is mandatory to recover the package. 

The amount of customs fees varies from one country to another. Depending on the type of goods, the handling fees applied by the carrier or the VAT rate applicable in the destination country. 

Special case : 
  • If you buy in France to be delivered in a country that is part of the European Union, there are no customs fees. 
  • If you live in a French overseas department or territory, customs fees take the form of Octroi de mer, which must be paid upon arrival of the package.
Customs fee calculator

It is difficult to calculate them in advance because the tax rates are complex to use. However, there are tools that can do this calculation for you to get an estimate of the customs fees: 

  • Simply Duty : customs fees calculator where you just have to enter the type of item and its value, the origin and the destination to get an estimate. 
  • Your country's customs website: some customs websites also offer a fee calculator. 

If you are unable to find the information required to calculate the fees, you can also contact the customs office in your city directly. They will be able to provide you with information on customs clearance. 

You can now estimate your shipping cost from order to delivery to your home, to avoid surprises! If you have any doubts about the estimation of your shipping costs, please do not hesitate to contact our customer support who can advise you. 

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