Identify a package in the Easy Delivery warehouse


If you've placed multiple orders, you may be a little lost when it comes to identifying which packages have arrived at the warehouse. Here are two ways to find the orders that correspond to your packages. 

Method 1: Identify a package with the tracking number


When a package arrives at the warehouse, it is weighed and measured and then its "inbound" tracking number is scanned and recorded. This tracking number entrant est le numéro de suivi attribué à votre colis lors de son départ de chez le fournisseur.

  • For example: you placed an order on Asos. When it was shipped, Asos sent you a tracking number to follow your package until it was delivered. This number will be recorded in the details of your package. 

To identify your package, go to "PACKAGES", then "ACTIONS" and "SHOW MY PARCEL" click on the line of the package you are interested in. You will then have access to all the information concerning your package: its weight, its dimensions, a photo of the outside of the package and the incoming tracking number. 

Simply copy the incoming tracking number and search for it in your emails. You will then be able to find the corresponding order. 

Method 2: Request a verification of the package 

If you can't find the order through the tracking number or if you want to check the content of your package, you can request an opening and verification. 

This is one of the options available through Premium subscription, charged at 8€ per package. 

During the verification of the package, our logisticians will open the package, take out the item(s) and take one or more pictures. 

  • Attention, if it is a product under blister or with a sticker of guarantee, only the outside will be taken in photo

This will allow you to verify that the contents and quantity are in accordance with the order placed. 

To request verification : 

  • Go to "PACKAGES", then "ACTIONS" and "OPEN AND CHECK
  • You can add your invoice so that our logisticians can compare it to the contents of the package
  • Validate after having verified your request

Once the verification is done, you are notified by e-mail. A photo of the package is then available on your account in "PACKAGES", then "ACTIONS" and "SHOW MY PARCEL”. 

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