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When your package arrives at Easy Deliverywhen it is shipped or when you request a consolidation : you must wait (a little). 

In this article, we give you the estimated wait times for each Easy Delivery services.

As you can imagine, when we receive packages at the warehouse, it’s not one or two. It’s 300 or 400! Our logisticians therefore need a little time to sort them, save them on each customer’s account and put them away. 

If you correctly put your customer reference and your name, your parcel is registered in your account within 2 to 3 hours after its arrival. 

What if your package does not appear on your Easy Delivery account?

If after a while your parcel is still not on your account, contact our customer service! It may have been set aside because it could not be identified or delivered to the wrong location. 

When you request a consolidation or a checkingthe maximum delay is 24 hours. This may vary depending on the size of your packages or the content.

For example,, when you have a prohibited item, your grouping request will be paused until you can determine what you want to do with it.

In addition, your consolidation may also take longer if your package requires special handling: protection, palletizing, etc..

Finally, Friday afternoon requests can be rescheduled to Monday morning.

The shipping time of your package depends mainly on the time you request the shipment. Let us explain why!

Every day from Monday to Friday, our carriers come at the same time: 

  • 14h for Colissimo (shipping until 12h)
  • 18h for Chronopost (shipping until 17h)
  • 18h30 for UPS and DHL (shipping until 17h30)


You must therefore request your shipments before these schedules in order for your package to be shipped the same day, otherwise it is the next day. 

For example, if you request your Colissimo to be shipped on Friday at 1pm, it will be shipped the following Monday.

You now know what time limits are to be taken into account when using Easy Delivery! Find all our articles «Practical information» here

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