How to consolidate your packages with Easy Delivery?

Thanks to your Easy Delivery forwarding addresses, you can place multiple orders on different French or American sites. Once they arrive in their respective warehouses, you can group your packages. This allows you to do a forwarding with all your orders.

You have received several packages in the Easy Delivery warehouse and now you want to group them together? Follow our step-by-step tutorial to request your consolidation on your Easy Delivery account. 

  • Subscribe to an Easy Delivery Premium plan

Premium subscription gives you access to several options and advantages . It is non-binding, and you can stop it whenever you want from your Paypal account. (see how to cancel your Premium plan)

Easy Delivery offers 3 subscription packages to meet your needs: 

  • 1 month / 10€ 
  • 3 months / 20€
  • 12 months / 39€

Advantages of the Premium plan

  • 10% off on shipping fees, unlimited for the duration of the subscription.
  • 30 days of free storage per package instead of 20 without a subscription. 
  • Access to options:  Consolidation of packages (1,5€ extra per package), Open and check a package (8€ extra per package) Remove the original invoice (4€ extra per package)

To subscribe to a Premium plan : 

  • Go to the “Premium Access” tab
  • Select the package that works for you
  • Pay with your PayPal account
Abonnement premium easy delivery

Request your packages consolidation on your account

Once your subscription has been activated, you can access the package grouping option and make your request on your Easy Delivery account. 

  • There is no maximum number of packages for consolidations. Our logisticians work custom-made to create compact consolidations in order to reduce the space lost in the packages. If all of your packages do not fit in one box, we are likely to do a second grouping.

Steps ro request a consolidation : 

  • 1st step : Go to tab ""My packages" then "Consolidate packages
  • 2nd step : : Select the packages you want to group and validate to proceed to step 2. 
  • 3rd step : : Check the information before validating your request. 

When grouping your orders, all your packages are opened and the items are cleared of unnecessary packaging. They are then grouped in a cardboard with the appropriate dimensions. 

  • Special case: If you have shoe boxes, our team will contact you before removing them.
Refusal case

Attention, your request can be refused by our logisticians in case your packages are too large or too heavy, or that the difference in size in two packages is too large. (Example: it is not possible to group a pair of shoes with a broomstick). 

Request the shipment of your consolidated packages

When your consolidation (also called grouping) is ready, a new light blue package appears with a reference ending by a C, like Consolidation.

Grouped packages go from "Consolidation requested" status to "Consolidation done" one. 

To request your consolidation's shipment, you have to go in"My packages" tab and to click on "Actions" on the package's line and then "Ship a package". All you have to do now is follow the procedure until payment. 


You can also find this video tutorial on our Youtube Channel.

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