15 gift ideas in the United States

This year, to give original gifts for Christmas, we have a good plan: order them from the United States! Surprise guaranteed at the foot of the tree for the whole family. 

Pour réaliser vos emplettes de fin d’année sur vos sites américains préférés, vous n’avez qu’à suivre le guide. Easy Delivery vous fournit une adresse gratuite aux Etats-Unis, pour vous permettre de passer vos commandes et les recevoir dans le monde entier. 

Drum roll... 15 gift ideas to buy in the USA

Gift Ideas for the USA: Patriotic Gifts

We start strong: for the undisputed fans of the United States, a handmade decoration representing a American state or a memory of the White House.

For American wine lovers (PS: you can consult our article on the subject), the map of the United States to be completed with wine corks. Just to see a bit of the country in a nice way! 

The ultimate patriotic gift for those on a budget: the stadium table. We are not sure about the choice for the decoration, but we don't judge! 


Gift ideas in the USA: Cheapest fashion items in the USA

Quitte à acheter un article aux Etats-Unis, autant que celui-ci soit moins cher. D’ailleurs, on vous a préparé une petite sélection de cheaper brands to be preferred in the United States. 

Our top 5: 

Gift ideas in the USA: Food products, for gourmets (or not!)


American rum 

An original way to discover the United States: by taking a tour of the rums. As we think of everything at Easy Delivery, we have prepared a article on white rums to discover absolutely. Spoiler: you're about to discover a rum with more than 60° of alcohol, which is a real blast!

American food  

For the more adventurous among your friends and family, there are American snacks. Masters in the art of combining flavors, the Americans sometimes offer very surprising products.

Starbucks product

If you have among your friends and family collectors of Starbucks products (cups with the effigy of a city or limited edition cups), you will inevitably find a gift from the coffee giant. On its website, Starbucks unfortunately does not yet offer online sales like a traditional e-commerce site. Nevertheless, it is possible to find limited edition items on Ebay for example.

Gift ideas in the USA: The ... unclassifiable

We couldn't go on without telling you about the "American" gift par excellence: the cowboy hat ! For this one, be careful with the budget: it can go from 50$ to more than 600. 

Fortunately, and as we are still very very nice, you can take a look at our dedicated article before you start looking for the perfect hat.

To please young and old alike, we have found these wooden games to personalize with your last name or the first name of your partner. 

And to finish in the theme of personalization: a portrait of your family. Made by Shelly Klein, these portraits represent each member of your family in the form of cartoon characters.

Now you have 15 gift ideas to buy in the United States, to surprise your loved ones this Christmas. Get your free address in the USA By registering with Easy Delivery, your shopping is shipped worldwide.